Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How it's told

Stories can be told orally, through script, through a brush or through a lens. I want something to immediately catch my attention. I want a provacative jacket cover, an intriguiing twist of words, a line of color where none should be and a picture that grabs you and weaves a tale in one still movement.

NPR is my home page and they have a series called Picture Show. It's the first thing I look at just before the Monkey See blog. Today's picture show had me shrieking like a girl and was immediately forwared to my favorite obsure-loving friends. A photographer by the name of Lyndon Wade was featured much to my delight (note the above shreiking). Lyndon is lyrical, fantastical , theatrical. He is vibrant, twisted, funny, clever, dark and light. He has composed a series as his homage to Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds which flat out kicks ass. He uses frightened children. As a child, I remember being very afraid after seeing that movie. He has also done a series called Room 107 that follows several possible scenarios of happenings in a cheap motel room. Lyndon has a keen eye that makes me feel like I am looking at a collage or pop up book. I can't express my new found love for this man's work without more shrieking. So to save you all from that nonsense, check out his site or at least read check out today's Picture Show on


  1. Ok, checked out this photographer and all I can say is whoaaaa! At first I couldn't tell if this was all photo manipulation. I actually looked at all of the pics on his site. Incredible....some don't look real, some you have to wonder what goes on in his head and then others you have to ask, my gosh, he went to a lot of work to get this detailed for a photograph. It goes beyond photographs though. This is art, no question about it. In regards to the Birds series of pics. I have to admit that I was concerned because these children truly looked frightened to death. Then I realized further in that there was some incredible makeup work done. It made me think back to when I first saw the movie. It scared me to death...I still don't like watching it. True story, after watching this movie, the following morning I'm walking to my bus stop to go to school. I kid you not, I had a bird swoop down and fly between my legs! Scared the crap out of me even more than it had the night before. Lol, enough said!

  2. Glad you liked his work. Truly great stuff.
    I like The Birds because I like to be just a bit too creeped out!
    My bird story is this....One day I was waiting for the bus had stopped at a friend's bakery. So there I was minging my pastry's business when a pigeon swoops in towards my face and tries to grab the pastry from me! If anyone was looking at that moment, they would have crashed their car from laughing too hard. I jumped backwards and then ducked before the pigeon's friends decided to join in. Sadly, I threw my pastry away. Wasn't sure if the bird got a bite. Besides I flung most of it when I jumped so the birds got what they wanted. I still like them though :)

  3. I have another bird story but it's best told live. So if ya wanna hear it, give me a call. It's the best story that I didn;t even instigate!