Monday, September 5, 2011

The Brilliance of the Documentary

The best thing to come from streaming video, is the ability to watch thousands of documentaries you would never have come across otherwise. I have fallen in love with documentaries, specifically, the brilliance of them.

Documentaries not only tell you The Story, they tell you the story before, after, and the million of things that nobody knew were going on DURING the story. Ita's not just enough to know the facts of a story. For me, once I hear a story, I have questions. LOTS of them. Documentaries satisfy my questions and often lead to new questions about new topics that I have yet to explore. They are my idea of a cerebral Pandora Box.

I now have more documentaries in my streaming queue than I do movies. I am in heaven. I also can't seem to watch one without also getting online to crosscheck facts or names and will spend HOURS searching through pages of information.

History is always my favorite topic. Although, I have begun to watch a lot of social issue documentaries, which I am learning a lot from. I am currently watching, "Earth Days" which talk about the enviromental movement and the conservation movement. I recently watched, "Tapped", about the earth's water supply and bottled water industry. This one is s must....I will never buy bottled water again. "Stranded" is about the Uraguayan Rugby team whose plane went down in the Andes and left them lost and dying. Nothing is more moving than listening to the survivors tell their story. I could think of nothing else but their story for weeks after watching. "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead", was a great one and very heartwarming. I am about to watch Ken Burns, "National Parks" again. I am completely smitten by this particular series. I now want to visit every major national park during my lifetime. This is a goal I am serious about accomplishing.

My documentary list is increasing my reading list So I am off to get lost in yet another story...