Saturday, May 16, 2009

Genghis Khan

Watched a foreign film called Mongol (2007) about the young life of Temudjin, whom we all know as Genghis Khan. There of course is not much known of his early life or most of it for that matter. Oral history has way of evolving over time and certain matters are embellished or omitted all together (ie: the bible). Therefore, I was not sure what to expect out of this film.
All I did know was that I was in Warrior mode when I was reorganizing my netflix queue. The preview however caught me. As it should, that is it's sole purpose.

So what I got was this: clear, crisp, sweeping, artful beauty, and lines intended to make you laugh out loud. Mongolian culture is not something I know a lot about but I was completely enchanted by them in this film.

Foreign films are mostly beautiful to me. However sometimes the story lags and either there is not enough happening on screen to tell the tale or there is little useful translation to make it worthy.

Mongol is the first of three installements regarding the life of Temudjin. If you know nothing of this man, watch this. You can understand him, fight along with him, feel the honor of him.

Tremendous storytelling and beautifully done. I watched it a second time through.


  1. Ok, fellow Netflix addict! I'll check out your movie if you check out mine, lol. Look for "In the Realms of the Unreal. I'd never heard of this guy Henry Darger, was actually drawn to it because of the narrators Larry Pine and Dakota Fanning. True Dakota fan here. Love your blog idea and will definately follow you and your twisted mind!

  2. ok, I have a lot to say about Hendry Darger so I will post about him in the the next day or so.

  3. Just finished watching Mongol. What a beautiful movie. I hope the follow-ups are done as well as this one was. I'm not sure how much of the story was based on historical documentation and how much on "a tellin'", but wow did he have some issues with folks wanting to enslave him. I lost track of how many times he was caught and enslaved. Good movie, I'm glad I followed your lead.
    Now I have another one for you to check out. Look for "Romance and Cigarettes". The cast in this movie is astounding to start off with. The movie itself is a bit off the wall, along the veins of "Pulp Fiction". John Turturro wrote it and the Coen Brothers were involved also. Laugh out loud funny in several places! Let me know if you're able to check it out.