Saturday, January 21, 2012

A psychic, globally warmed truth serum

I am overflowing from conversations with constellations, wanting to inspire, provoke, invoke, evoke and tantalize. To be high on ideas, not things. To be less consumed with consumerism and embrace creativity. Look inward instead of outward. Experience splendor. To not always be pretty, blissful or esctatic. To be quirky, courageous, decorative, eccentric and socially unorthodox. Not be scared of freedom, recklessness and scandal. Show deviance and exuberance, spiritual splendor, texture, and color. Embrace the sensation, transgressive, explosive, and unsettled. Tickle, rattle, amuse, repulse and overthrow!

And onward I go. To the next part of my own story...

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