Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Chanteuse

I love my Sony Mp3 player. I also love scavenging through music of all kinds to put on said player. Often I get on tangents looking for musicians of a certain style or those who have been influenced by other musicians I adore. I especially enjoy hearing the influences without direct imitation.

I recently ran across the lovely, Melody Gardot. She has a rich, voluminous sound that is sensual, cheeky, bright and full. I heard one snippet and within 5 minutes had downloaded all her music. She brushes through jazz, bossa nova (a personal fav), new standards and caberet torch songs yet all of her songs are fresh and have their own energy and cadence. She is haunting, which I find unusual for someone in her mid twenties. Her songs carry a melancholy due to a horrific car accident she survived. She broke her pelvis and many other bones and while relearning how to do everything from brushing her teeth to eating to reading and writing, she turned to music as a kind of therapy. Since rediscovering her abilities, she has stirved to bring awareness to musical therapy. Very interesting lady. Ms. Gardot is deliciously saucy and worth listening to...over and over and over again.

Take a listen www.last.fm/music/Melody+Gardot (you can listen to the entire collection along with videos or stills)

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